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Paris Foods: How to Select the Right Gastronomic Tour

Paris is a destination where people travel for food. Food tours Paris are provided by renowned chefs who expend their cooking expertise and knowledge to travellers who are inclined to learn. Mostly, a gastronomic traveller's ability to grasp the basic cooking concepts depends on the instructions provided.

Workshop or At-Home Tours?

Most travellers prefer to visit workshops to learn how to cook and taste Parisian foods. Learning in a chef's workshops means being under tight scrutiny; not to mention that travellers barely have an in-depth indulgence in the lessons due to the rigidity of the cooking programs.

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A good alternative is to find a chef who provides lessons in their home kitchen. At-home tours provide more participation due to the limited number of participants. The chef interacts with travellers at a personal level, in an informal and relaxed cooking area. The courses prepared use easily accessible ingredients and simple techniques, so learners can reproduce the same meal once they travel back to their hometowns.

Choosing the Best Food Tour

When touring for food, you can choose a city location or a remote neighbourhood. Both are beneficial. City tours provide additional information on architecture, museums and the history of the foods you taste. Country tours let you learn more about the culture and the locals' way of cooking.

You need to be aware of the number of stops you'll make and the foods to be tasted. With limited stops, you can expect to taste more food in every location. But with a higher number of stops, anticipate smaller portions.

What to Pack

Besides the usual travel requirements: warm clothes, toiletries, travel documents, and VPN, food tours require you to also carry activated charcoal. Parisian cuisine is divine. There are interesting foods to taste, including snails, frog legs and uncooked veal. While it's worth tasting them, they may cause stomach and digestion issues. It is highly recommended that you carry activated charcoal in case the foods cause a stomach upset.